Multi-Room Audio Visual

Everyone loves music!

Imagine the freedom and the fantastic feeling of hearing your music CDs, digital radio or Foxtel through any room in your home that you choose. Perhaps you feel like a touch of Jazz broadcast through the internet directly to you from New Orleans whilst you are relaxing beside your sparkling pool.

We are able to provide your ears with the listening pleasure they desire. Not forgetting about the eyes, true high definition images can be displayed around the home all from one central point or from several points to the multiple locations around your home. These sources can include digital video servers, cable or satellite decoders, DVD / Blu-ray, internet video media and security plans or surveillance. The use of digital video servers enable us to store your movies, music, photos and software libraries all in one central secure location with access available to you both locally and remote. This can be utilised across multiple platforms from your PC or laptop to your Apple TV or Mac mini. This can also include the storage of your purchased DVD / Blu-ray and CD collection making it easier than ever to keep the whole family happy and entertained.

With our careful planning and design we can ensure that there is cable in place so that any currently unused room or space can be cabled for and utilised in the future.

mutli-room audio visual