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We design and install high-end electronic systems in demanding environments.

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    Our mission at Acceess Electronics Australia is to provide a high quality product and tailor a optimal solution with the best service and after sales support possible. Access Electronics Australia provides a range of services for electronic sales and installations, these include design, consultancy, specification, installations and servicing. We are fully certified by independent certifiers Noels Arnold CM3 for insurance and OHS standards. Holding security licences including a Master licence and Austel cable licencing you can sleep at night knowing you are fully covered.

    System Design & Consultancy

    With over 30 years experience in the electronic industry in both residential and commercial and over 10 years as an electronic systems integrator we believe we can provide a system design that will best suit and provide for your needs and desires within your home, office or yacht.

    Security & Video Surveillance

    Security in the family home is nothing new and has been utilised around the home for many years enabling peace of mind for you and your family. We have brought a few key features from our commercial security experience into our residential security philosophy whilst still maintaining ease of use, these system include electronic access control and CCTV surveillance.


    Access Electronics integrates and customizes advance electronic technology into marine applications by using reliable equipment from a number of suppliers. Our expertise in installing complex audio/visual systems enables us to create reliable and user friendly installations into this demanding enviroment for the owners and guests.

    Smart Home Automation

    With the many different systems incorporated into the homes of today, this part of our service is designed by our experienced experts to make your life and systems in the home easier and less consuming for you and your family.

    Audio Visual

    Everyone loves music! Perhaps you would like to hear your CD, digital radio, Foxtel or maybe internet broadcast jazz direct from New Orleans in the other rooms of your home or maybe around the outside of your home by the pool. We can provide your ear with the pleasure it desires.


    Access Electronics can design and install lighting control systems or we can work in with your current electrical contractor, lending our expertise by providing system design, wiring schematics, certified cables, devices and enclosures, programming and maintenance.

    1300 411 141

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