Voice & Data Communications

No communication breakdown

The line between voice and data communication has greatly blurred over the years in many ways and we believe that this will increase in years to come. With our telephone and VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) based communication system you can enjoy the ease of use and quality you have with your current telecommunications while benefitting from the cheaper ongoing cost that is VOIP and internet. This is made possible by either a full VOIP system or a hybrid key phone system which can utilise VOIP based lines for cost effectiveness. Both options can be made available with the use of the same data cable specified in the initial stages of the project. The advancements in data bandwidth to many homes in the way of extreme cable, ADSL2+ and Fibre to the home (FTTH) mean that you can now make that important call, get your email and download that new movie from iTunes all with the peace of mind that your call, email or the ever important movie will not be disrupted or disconnected.